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About Us

Xclusive is one of the most respected remapping brands on the market. Here at Xclusive we have both the team and the infrastructure to continually develop and improve our product, however just because we are good at what we do doesn't make us complacent.

Xclusive is a small company and we are part one of the biggest remapping networks worldwide. We have built our great team around a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience, and commitment to the highest customer service which is the key to our success.

We're big enough to have an infrastructure to properly support our customers, but small enough to remove politics or unnecessary bureaucracy that would simply get in the way of what is the focus of our business, that is providing quality tuning files, backed up by a quality service. We are passionate about our business, we love what we do and always look to continuously improve.

What makes us Xclusive? We are part of a very Xclusive network of tuning companies/shops world wide and we draw from the expertise of "tuners" that specialize in a specific vehicle. In other words we are not locked into a "brand"  This allows us to get you the best tuned file for your vehicle, no egos here just the very best tuning for your vehicle. No tuner/shop can be specialized in all vehicles, ones that claim they are that should raise a red flag. 

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